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The pneumatic lift platform for the cars

Requirement Specification:

Develop pneumatic lift platform to lift the cars for tire fitting:

  • lifting capacity of 3.5 ton
  • adopted for the cars with low clearance
  • height of lift set as 450-600 mm.
  • line synchronization of the lift carriage
  • lifting time to maximum height is 30 sec.


According to initial requirements we have developed the lift platform equipped with pneumatic insulating pad due to the presence of the air-driven stations on the service stations.

Model of the pneumatic lift platform for the cars

Model of the pneumatic lift platform for the cars

Pneumatic lift platform for the cars. Drawing

Pneumatic lift platform for the cars. General drawing

All the characteristics are shown on the general drawing of the lift platform.

The lift platform is designed with reserve of lift capacity by a factor of 1.25. The lift platform has a locking system that prevents the car from sinking in the case of pressure drop in the airline

Lift is equipped with a spring defense from falling down under the elements of design and the telescoping legs that greatly expands the range of serviced cars.

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