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Baby boutique «Colibri»

Client: Baby boutique «Colibri» (Kharkov)

Vendor: RnDwork

Year: 2010

In tandem with interior designers we have reworked the interior of the Baby boutique — “Colibri”.

The first stage of the project was redesigning of the inner space of the boutique and creation the work drawings.


Map flooring drawing

Map flooring drawing

After all work drawings have been completed we started modeling process.

The final stage of the project was creating photorealistic images of the future design. Below you can see the comparison of vizualization and real photoes.


Comparing photo and render of the 2nd floor. Baby boutique «Colibri»


First-floor. Baby boutique «Colibri»

First-floor. Another perspective

First-floor. Another perspective. Baby boutique «Colibri»


Basement. Baby boutique «Colibri»


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