The RnDwork team has created a Superior 3D presentation for the Superior Golf Club. RnDwork’s 3D specialists worked hard and recreate the look of the golf course with an extremely accuracy and realistic in a short period of time. I have had a pleasure to work with Chief Graphical Designer Sergey K. and with the company on the whole.

Chief Landscape Architector, Alexander Kuzmin. May 24th 2009

The R&D engineering team had made a substantial contribution into the development of the product and the company as a whole.

Ecofridge PC. Feb 10th 2010

The company’s specialists have developed from the ground up the lamps of street lighting using the state of the art technologies like LED and modern solar panels. Engineers had done a lot of research work and found the best and competitive solution. Unique business approach of RnDwork Company enables and accelerates the new product development process.

REAL GEORGIA Corp, Vagiz Gurgenidze. Aug  9th 2009

RnDwork engineers have demonstrated their knowledge and experience while worked on creation of complex retail equipment. Later on the cash-register modules took part and attract customer’s attention on the international exhibition in Poland.

Master Style, Design Engineer, Voytek Grabskiy. Sept 14th 2010

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