3D panoramas

We offer a high quality 3D panoramas. Our designers and 3d artists will do the best to make the viewing of the interior or exterior more comfortable for you! Here are…

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Quick connector for filling cryogenic vessels

Requirement specification Develop quick connector and filling adapter for cryogenic vessels. Operating temperature is — 196⁰ C, filling pressure 20 bars, inner dimension of filling pipe is 1 inch, connecting dimensions – thread NPT 1”. Provide the minimum possible flow resistance and dimensions of the device. It […]

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Shop equipment — Checkouts

Shop equipment — Checkouts

Requirements specification: Develop a checkout line for Cash & Carry stores: Twin checkout terminal — ½ Twin (Tandem) with a small storage. Universal checkout terminal with a big storage. Checkout terminal for a building centre with the possibility for cashier to leave the checkout and sell the […]

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