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Object visualization in interior design

Our designers will model, texture and make photorealistic render of any object you wish. Below you can see some examples of the works.

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3D panoramas

We offer a high quality 3D panoramas. Our designers and 3d artists will do the best to make the viewing of the interior or exterior more comfortable for you! Here are some of them! 3D panorama of the hotel 3D panorama of the hotel. Second view 3D panorama […]

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Low poly buildings

We offer the low-poly modeling based on photo of existing buildings. The low poly models are designed for import to Unity or other game engines to create an interactive 3D tours or to be a part of the game. Our recent works:

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The pneumatic lift platform for the cars

Lift platform

Requirement Specification: Develop pneumatic lift platform to lift the cars for tire fitting: lifting capacity of 3.5 ton adopted for the cars with low clearance height of lift set as 450-600 mm. line synchronization of the lift carriage lifting time to maximum height is 30 sec. Solution: According […]

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Twin-pillar hydraulic lift platform for the cars

Requirement Specification: Develop twin-pillar hydraulic lift platform to lift the cars with: lifting capacity of 3.5 ton adopted for the cars with low clearance height of lift set as 1900 mm line synchronization of the lift carriage Solution: According to initial requirements we have developed twin-pillar lift platform […]

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Quick connector for filling cryogenic vessels

Requirement specification Develop quick connector and filling adapter for cryogenic vessels. Operating temperature is — 196⁰ C, filling pressure 20 bars, inner dimension of filling pipe is 1 inch, connecting dimensions – thread NPT 1”. Provide the minimum possible flow resistance and dimensions of the device. It […]

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Cover for electronic block

Requirement specification Develop decorative aerodynamic cover for the control unit and the accumulator block of cryogenic refrigeration system.  The control unit and the accumulator block are located on the front wall of the trailer. Also it is necessary to build in the control panel. Restrict unauthorized access […]

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Street lanterns equipped with solar panels

Requirement specification Develop a range of street lantern with solar panels: Decorative lantern for town houses, villas Decorative lantern for places of public entertainment Street lantern to be installed in residential areas. Lantern for illumination of roads and bridges Solution According to item 1we have developed decorative […]

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Baby boutique “Colibri”

Client: Baby boutique “Colibri” (Kharkov) Vendor: RnDwork Year: 2010 In tandem with interior designers we have reworked the interior of the Baby boutique – “Colibri”. The first stage of the project was redesigning of the inner space of the boutique and creation the work drawings.   After […]

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Shop equipment — Checkouts


Requirements specification: Develop a checkout line for Cash & Carry stores: Twin checkout terminal — ½ Twin (Tandem) with a small storage. Universal checkout terminal with a big storage. Checkout terminal for a building centre with the possibility for cashier to leave the checkout and sell the […]

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