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Superior Golf Club Project

Client: Superior Golf Club

Vendor: RnDwork

Year: 2008-2009

RnDwork team has been fully involved into design development process of Superior Golf Club – the first Ukrainian Golf Club of international standing.

In tandem with landscape engineers the mapping survey was implemented. According to information received from height map we created an exact copy of a golf course.

The hole of Superior Golf Club
One hole of golf club. In the middle of the article you’ll be able to watch the animation of this hole

The material we started to work with...
The material we started to work with…

At the stage of building…

First Master plan of Superior Golf Club was created

Master Plan of Superior Golf Club
Master Plan of Superior Golf Club

We created the animation of the entire golf-course, that giving to the player an idea of its structure.



In co-operation with furniture and interior designers our 3D team has developed the graphical design of the interiors for the Club House. All the furniture was created from 2D sketches and then rendered in 3D

Vip Hall
The rendering of Vip Hall in Superior Golf Club

Conference Hall
The rendeing of Conference Hall in Superior Golf Club

Rendering of the Restaurant in Superor Golf Club

Used technologies:

3D Studio MAX





Adobe After Effects