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Object visualization in interior design

Our designers will model, texture and make photorealistic render of any object you wish. Below you can see some examples of the works.

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3D panoramas

We offer a high quality 3D panoramas. Our designers and 3d artists will do the best to make the viewing of the interior or exterior more comfortable for you! Here are some of them! 3D panorama of the hotel 3D panorama of the hotel. Second view 3D panorama […]

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Low poly buildings

We offer the low-poly modeling based on photo of existing buildings. The low poly models are designed for import to Unity or other game engines to create an interactive 3D tours or to be a part of the game. Our recent works:

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Baby boutique “Colibri”

Client: Baby boutique “Colibri” (Kharkov) Vendor: RnDwork Year: 2010 In tandem with interior designers we have reworked the interior of the Baby boutique – “Colibri”. The first stage of the project was redesigning of the inner space of the boutique and creation the work drawings.   After […]

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Superior Golf Club Project

Client: Superior Golf Club Vendor: RnDwork Year: 2008-2009 RnDwork team has been fully involved into design development process of Superior Golf Club – the first Ukrainian Golf Club of international standing. In tandem with landscape engineers the mapping survey was implemented. According to information received from height […]

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Nature fridge. From sketches to production

Over a number of years our engineers have collaborated with ecoFridge Production Company, have designed and developed cryogenic refrigeration equipment for commercial purposes.  Simultaneously RnDwork’s 3D designers have been creating 3D design, HDR illustrations and 3D presentations, for international exhibitions where company have presented its product. [youtube]-Uj_nTybpjU&feature=plcp&context=C35c0a19UDOEgsToPDskIsOftUkgQmqoqum8LHfWo6[/youtube]

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Interior by photo

The task was to recreate the room by photo with the purpose to make some changes to the design further.  The work was done using 3Ds MAX and Photoshop.

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